5 Tips for Eco-friendly Cooking

Eco-Friendly life is what everybody is searching for in this modern time and the best place to start it is from the kitchen. Below you will find five tips on Eco-Friendly cooking and if you are able to imply three of them also in your life, then also you will be able to make a huge difference to the environment. more eco-friendly cooking tips can be found here: http://thegreenists.com/food/20-tips-for-eco-friendly-cooking/7945

Go for organic foods

You have to understand that the food we eat is what We become in the future. Today what we are getting in the market is all grown with the help of various chemicals, which is really not good for your health. Every single day we are collecting chemicals in our body and making is unhealthy. So it is better to switch to organic food which will help you to become more energetic and healthy too.


Use wooden chopping board

Studies have show people who use plastic or glass Cutting board are highly at the risk of getting salmonella poisoning then the people who use wooden cutting board in their kitchen. The plastic or the glass cutting board are able to form cracks once they are used on a daily basis and it hence encourage bacteria to live in such cracks and make your food unhealthy to eat.

Reduce your wastage

It is very important to reduce your waste that we get every single day from our kitchen. You can start using the composting method where you can use the wastage by using it is as a fertilizer in your garden, where it will get decompose and will return back to the nature. With this act, you will be able to reduce the wastage and as well as you will be able to save a good amount of money, as you will have your own fertilizer. Find ways to recycle whatever you can from the kitchen, so that you will be able to save some more money for your next grocery shopping.


Non-stick cookware

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and/or perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) are found in the coating of the Non-Stick cookware and they are capable of producing highly hazardous files when they are burned at high temperature, which is really not good for the health of our family and to our own self. So it is better to use cast iron, copper, glass and as well as stainless steel instead of Non-Stick cookware.

Say no to plastic

Plastic is hazardous to this world. Most of the environmental problems are caused due to the overuse of plastic all over the world. If you want to have a healthy life, then it is important that you get rid of any of the plastic utensil, vacuum sealers that use plastic bags, box or anything from your kitchen, and make sure not to even serve your food on plastic and the heat of the food will make the food get mixed with the material of the plastic and it will end up in your stomach, which will make your sick in the coming future.



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Tips for Creating an Eco Friendly Interior

A product tagged with the words ‘eco friendly’ is almost quite guaranteed to sell just like hot cakes. And this is specifically true in case of home accessories, as more and more people are looking out for ways to introduce environment friendly trends in their home décor and accessories. Of course, designing a home décor that is both eco friendly and beautiful can be a bit challenging. But in any case, the trouble is worth taking since you are taking a huge leap towards environment safety by ensuring that you don’t use materials that put you as well other people at the risk of respiratory or any other problems. There are lots of small things that you can do every day for creating an environment friendly interior space that is green, affordable and amazingly beautiful.
There are a host of eco friendly solutions (check houzz.com for more info) out there in the market; you just have to look out for them. Eco friendly paints are one among them as conventional finishes and paints are quite dangerous according to investigations and scientific reports. They are believed to release lower quantities of toxic emissions once they have dried completely on your walls. Using friendlier paints with low or no volatile organic compounds should be your choice. You can straightaway feel the difference as they are free of odor and impart a different and more calming look and feel. Some of these paints may be however expensive but it’s important to remember that you will benefit yourself in the long run.

For those who love a bit of vibrancy around them, eco friendly wallpapers are the key. Such wallpapers use water based inks that are printed upon chlorine free paper, bought from forests that are managed specifically for the purpose. Low volatile organic compound adhesives can be used for medium weight or light weight paper based wall decorations. If you are in the market next time to buy something new, be aware of some really great environment friendly decorating materials like bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo floors, sheets, baskets, fabrics and shades are items that you can find anywhere. If you fancy a rug, try one that is made from natural materials like wool, sisal and jute. Even cork makes a great option for floors and walls.

Drop of water

Drop of water

There are a few more simple decorating tips you can follow to save energy each day and cut your monthly bills. Firstly, replace all your regular light bulbs with white CFL’s. The compact fluorescent light bulbs will add up your energy savings big time and they also don’t cause a bluish harsh tone. Secondly, if you are planning on buying new appliances any time, look for the ones with energy star labels as they consume nearly 10-50% less water and energy than their regular alternatives. Finally, do not hesitate to reuse the existing items in your home. Reusing and refinishing old furniture will not only save you a lot of bucks, but will also put less toxins and waste into the environment.


Top 10 Eco-Innovations That Could Change the World

Today whole world is saying “Go Green.” All the educated people are trying and suggesting others to avoid extra use of fossil fuels and other natural elements. It is really causing damages to our nature and creating atmosphere similar to poison. By recognizing this fact scientists have started developing Eco-friendly vehicles and other daily use things. So let me tell you the top 10 eco-innovations that could change the world.

1: Bike Shares

Maximum pollution occurs in our atmosphere because of vehicles. There are millions of vehicles running on the ways of different countries. Bike shares are an small approach started in several big cities of our world. People hire bikes from one kiosk and check out it at another kiosk of the city.

2: Electric cars

What you think about electric cars, can it help us in making better atmosphere at earth? Well, experts say yes, these cars can help us in reducing pollution. At now there are not too much electric cars, but people are getting attracted by them.

3: LEED building standards


Today’s commercial sector is preciously taking part in betterment of our environment. US Green Building Council have prepared LEED building standards, which are now being followed by many others.

4: Renewable Energy resources


In upcoming years energy is going to be a biggest demand of the world because conventional energy resources are getting reduced. There is not much fossil fuel to generate energy. Scientists are developing solar energy system to provide enough power to cities of our world.

5: Usage of reusable bags:


Polyphone bags are creating biggest pollution in land. They are not disposable ones that’s why pollution increases and now people are tending towards reusable bags to reduce needs of polythene.

6: Sustainable Fashion

The organic cotton made clothes exists since starting of 90s, but recently people have started using them. Clothes, which we use today leave too much carbon, while organic cotton made clothes do not leave that much carbon.

7: Better Garbage Management:

Every city of the world produces a very large amount of garbage. Today authorities are planning to develop fertilizers using that garbage. The process is started in thousands of cites of our world and probably it will bring changes in production of farming.

8: LED lights:

Today it is become very common to know that LED lights are the most power efficient lights. People are widely accepting these lights and using these lights in their homes, buildings and many other places.

9: Bio Gas:

In UK government is planning to generate Bio Gas by using wastage of crops. Every year lots of wastage is produced in farms, which can be used to produce bio gas. This can complete demands of cooking gas in whole country. Similarly other countries are also planning to apply such easy ways of producing gas.

10: Community gardens:

In many cities of many countries people are developing community gardens. These gardens just not provide enough space to play and enjoy the time, but these gardens are being used to produce organic things.